Higher Menadue - near St Austell - Cornwall
Mein Host.


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Four groupings of need have always been to the fore:


•Where faith hangs by a thread

•Where faith might be strong, but there is buffeting from somewhere - possibly from that faith itself

•Where there is the feeling of being cut off from the Church and the Sacraments

•Where there is the need for a little peace and serenity.


It is sometimes the case that the normal things of a parish -no matter how good the parish - do not touch a particular person’s need, or their need at a particular time.


Sometimes, too, a person needs to be met where they are in their faith, rather than where someone  might wish them to be.


And it is sometimes the case that a person needs simply a place to be quiet, perhaps also a chapel, and perhaps a priest.  Each is here, if they are needed.