Higher Menadue - near St Austell - Cornwall
Mein Host.


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An extended farmhouse set in four acres of pastureland provides a setting for anyone who seeks a little quiet time, perhaps alone with themselves and their God.


Of particular concern are those whose faith hangs by a thread or who are buffeted in some way, perhaps bruised within that faith.


Established and maintained by a resident Catholic priest, the house has a separate tiny chapel, with daily Mass and the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament.


Much of the four acres has “go-nowhere” paths for visitors simply to lose themselves in their own thoughts and prayers.


Small non-resident groups can be catered for, but the house seems to have found its own level as (quite often) an opportunity for individuals, with (if they so wish) a one-on-one with a priest.


Though Catholic in inspiration, the house does of course welcome those of any faith or none.